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Google Reviews


Dr Q. is the best doctor I’ve met and demeanor is perfect for what he does!! His patience is unmatched! He deserves a medal for what he’s like personally!! Many thanks to you Dr Q !!! For putting up with me !!!

ED Adams

I don’t say this lightly. I wouldn’t be alive today without this doctor.

William Shannon

Dr. Qureshi is the best! When I was recently hospitalized following cardiac arrest, he never gave up on me. He and his team saved my life. I have complete confidence in him as a Cardiologist. Dr. Qureshi and his staff are the people I want on my team.

Linda Kaiser

Dr. Qureshi is an excellent cardiologist. His commitment to providing the best possible care, gave me confidence when I needed it the most. He never gave up on my husband, he was instrumental in saving his life. His follow up care has given us better health and a better life.


Dr Qureshi & Staff, We wanted you to know how much we have appreciated all the care and concern that you and your staff exhibited to Alan. All of your calls to assure that tests, procedures and appointments were scheduled quickly expediting. All of this was extremely helpful to us managing our stresss as we looked for answeres to Alan’s symptoms. Thank you!

David Patch

Dr Quareshi is thorough, explains things in an easy to understand manner, and is patient with questions. I could not have had a better first time interaction with a cardiologist! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Brad Cwycyshyn

I have been in Dr. Qureshi’s care since an E-Room visit in 2020. I have found him to be an inspired, caring, and highly capable physician. He really listens, and is collaborative, sharing his observations and thought processes about treatment options, etc. His treatment plan for me is one that most cardiologists might not have considered, and enables me to function at a high-normal level. With everything else going on with my health, I am grateful to have him on my team: it is a comfort. Highly and sincerely recommended.

Diane Mansoor

Dr. Qureshi is an excellent cardiologist and diagnostician. He explains a medical situation and treatment options available to the level of understanding of his patients. He has cared for other members of my family and I highly recommend him.

Lisa Chrouch-Johnson

Dr. Qureshi now treats my whole family. We had a lot of hard heart issues that other Dr.’s we’re not being able to identify or control. Dr. Qureshi figured it out each issue for everyone pretty quickly as the switched to him. He has changed my life, I have more energy, can breath properly and have lost weight. He suggested 2 medications and I have my life back. I was doing 1200 calories a day and still not losing, which is stressful on the heart. And I have small blood vessels around my heart. He took the time to talk to me and actually cared about what I was saying.

Darin (Captain D)

After recently learning of the death of a colleague in mid flight, I figured I’d better get on the ball about my own cardiac health due to family history and risk factors. I asked my wife, who is a cardiac cath nurse, for a recommendation and she said Dr. Qureshi was the best! The next day I had an appointment and was seen and examined by Dr. Qureshi and set up with a plan to improve on my already improving cardiac health. I was pleased to be seen so quickly and get a plan worked up to better health. I look forward to working with Dr. Qureshi to help mitigate any negative cardiac events in the future.

Lawanda Reaves

Very good caring doctor. Been seeing him since I left the hospital

Adams E.D.

I don’t say this lightly. I wouldn’t be alive today without this doctor.

Stacy Jones-Brown

Dr. Qureshi is a very skilled, thorough, and compassionate physician, who I am confident that, I am in excellent hands. I have answers to my concerns and I am taken seriously. Blessed to have him as my doctor.


Healthgrade Testimonials

Jerry Vogler

I moved to Clawson in 2017 and have been going to Dr. Q ever since. By nature I am fairly serious and feel no need to give praise when not merited. That being said I feel that: the offices are first rate and very very clean, the staff is friendly yet professional and most important he is truly looking out for me. He has been very through. In summary I recommended him to my brother.

Martin Kozicki

Very comfortable with all of the Staff. The Doctor and staff are interested in my questions and comments.

Identity Hidden

Dr. Qureshi gives his patients the time they need and he answers their questions. He also knows what he is talking about. I would highly recommend him!

Thomas L.

I have known Dr. Qureshi for 8 years. His skill and knowledge have made a major difference in my life. He is a caring professional. He and his staff have been a blessing. They will go out of their way to help. All of them courteous, kind, and caring. I consider Dr. Q a d the folks at CARDIOQ to be trusted friends.


Been with Dr. Q for about six years. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. My general physician referred me to him for follow up. Have always been able to get in the office on short notice and received timely return calls from them when I had and episode while they were out of the country! Referred CardioQ to my friends and associates with heart issues. I feel great now!

Stuart Left

Excellent Doctor. , He digonosed a Blocked Arttery that didn’t show up in my stress test.

Steve Vasseli

I have been Dr. Qureshi’s patient for more than a decade. He treats his patients as they are his only patient. He is always very concerned about my heart & overall heath. From my 1st visit he has talked & treated me not only as my Dr. but also as a friend. I am really satisfied with him & his staff. Because I think he is extremely knowledgeable & the best Dr. I first trust is in God & then in him. I would not hesitate to recommend him. In fact, I have recommended him to my family and friend.

Identity Hidden

Amazing doctor and great staff! The only cardiologist you will ever need for life!


I highly recommend Dr. Qureshi. He take a personal hands on approach to care personally performing the stent procedure and taking the time to meet with you himself after the procedure and for follow up visits. He is concern not only about addressing the cardiac issues but also returning you to the same activity level you had prior. He explains any changes he makes and listens to your concerns. He is one of the best doctors of any type I have had.

Farook K.

Dr. Qureshi, Has been my Cardiologist for over 2 years. A very smart Cardiologist, a good human being that puts his patients first. He gives his patients the time and opportunity to know him and feel comfortable to address the concerns the patients may have and explains and answers the patients in the language the patients will understand. I would recommend Dr. Qureshi to all that are looking or in need for a great Cardiologist.

Christina M.

Excellent provider with great bedside manner, patient advocacy, and knowledge.

The Hahn’s

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Qureshi for about 5 years now. He is a very knowlegeable cardologist. He takes the time to listen and truly cares about his patients. We travel over an hour to see him for our appointments and will continue to do so. Great man!


Yelp Testimonials

Steve V.

I have been Dr. Qureshi’s patient for more than a decade. He has always treated me like I am his only patient. He is always extremely concerned about my overall heath and even more concerned about my heart. From my first visit he has talked and treated me not only like a Dr. but also as a close friend. One time he was in California when I had an issue. He called me and offered to cut his trip short and come back to treat me. But I had to convince him that my situation is not that urgent form him to interrupt his trip. I had a choice for another good cardiologist to perform the procedure, but I chose to wait for him to come back to perform my procedure. Because I think he is exceptionally knowledgeable and he is the best Dr. I first trust is in God. And I trust him after God. I know when he suggest a procedure or medication, it is for my wellbeing only. Throughout the years due to my genetic issues and other issues, my heart problems has become chronic. I can see on his face how hard he is thinking about what else he can do for me. He has done everything that a great cardiologist would do for his patient. But be wants to do more. And he does more. By next visit, he has some other suggestion; either an extremely new medication or procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend him. In fact, I have recommended him to my family and friends.