I have been Dr. Qureshi’s patient for more than a decade. He has always treated me like I am his only patient. He is always extremely concerned about my overall heath and even more concerned about my heart. From my first visit he has talked and treated me not only like a Dr. but also as a close friend. One time he was in California when I had an issue. He called me and offered to cut his trip short and come back to treat me. But I had to convince him that my situation is not that urgent form him to interrupt his trip. I had a choice for another good cardiologist to perform the procedure, but I chose to wait for him to come back to perform my procedure. Because I think he is exceptionally knowledgeable and he is the best Dr. I first trust is in God. And I trust him after God. I know when he suggest a procedure or medication, it is for my wellbeing only.

Throughout the years due to my genetic issues and other issues, my heart problems has become chronic. I can see on his face how hard he is thinking about what else he can do for me. He has done everything that a great cardiologist would do for his patient. But be wants to do more. And he does more. By next visit, he has some other suggestion; either an extremely new medication or procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend him. In fact, I have recommended him to my family and friends.